About Us

Shopping for car insurance is no longer a painful experience with VA Car Insurance. VA Car Insurance connects you with a licensed independent insurance agent located in your community. When filling out a form, you can expect an independent insurance agent to reach out to you by either phone or email to quote you. We believe the current insurance shopping experience negatively affects the shopper for the following reasons

  • the information you provide is either too limited or the company that you are filling out the form with does not have the ability to quote you in real time
  • the company is paid on a pay per click model and has relationships with select insurance companies, so limited quotes appear
  • the shopper is forced to fill out forms for quotes and is forced to refill out the quote form with the insurance company
  • companies share, sell, and barter shopper’s information for additional revenue
  • data is being sold to multiple agents
  • shoppers are bounced between to numerous different sites because there isn’t a third party who can assist them through the process

VA Car Insurance will never share your information with anyone besides the independent insurance agent, and the carriers that provide you quotes. VA Car Insurance will only use the information you provide to streamline the shopping process for others by training our own intelligence to provide a better service for future shoppers. Independent insurance agents are the best way to find your next insurance policy, because they create policies that best fits your needs. They can quote multiple different carriers to find the cheapest insurance policy. Your insurance quote will only be referred to one insurance agent, so you can count on one agent to assist you through finding your next policy.