Driver Status

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What is a driver status?

The term driver status is the word that will refer your classification on your driving policy. There are three different kinds of status; the rated, excluded and listed. Each type of status have various meanings. The condition rated means that a certain driver is active on a certain vehicle policy. The condition excluded refers to those vehicle drivers that are not allowed to drive their vehicles on a particular policy and a specific driver will not be protected under the policy in case if he engaged a car accident. The status term listed refers for those people on your residence that are not being able to drive a certain vehicle under a policy. In case if they are in the right driving age, then their driving status will be on excluded. Your driver status is critical because it is the only thing that will certify that you are a qualified and a licensed driver. Your driving status must be given to you with authority and eligibility. Your driver’s condition is the only document you can use to have a drivers license and to operate vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, a car, or any types of cars that you can manage on the public road.