Full Coverage Car Insurance

full coverage car insurance 1

What is full coverage car insurance?

This term refers to having all the major parts of car insurance that includes Comprehensive, Collision, PIP, Uninsured Motorists, Property Damage, and Bodily Injury. You are basically legally obliged to carry approximately half of such coverages. Having the overall package is termed as “Full Coverage.” Full Coverage is normally one which is composed of different types of auto insurance coverage that offers a robust level of protection in the event of an accident.

Having this kind of coverage does not denote you have complete protection no matter what. Depending on your case, it might even denote you do not even have sufficient protection. Some coverages like auto liability are obliged by the state law.

It combines the following:

  • Comprehensive Coverage designed for theft, vandalism and other damages which aren’t results of an incident
  • Collision Coverage to compensate for damages to your car during an incident
  • State-required liability to cover property damages or bodily injury to others in an incident you cause

Others like rental reimbursement might be optional, depending on your situation and the insurer. Thus, it is up to you to select a car insurance which suits your needs – ensuring your coverage meets state requirements and aids you safeguard your vehicle.