Independent Insurance Agent

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Why independent insurance agent over captive agent?

Before we can delve into the positive aspects of independent Insurance agents, we should first be able to comprehend who an independent agent is. An independent insurance agent represents various insurance companies. Based on this the coverage and the service you get regarding your policies have a drastic difference in comparison to those agents who work for individual companies. The agent does not offer his allegiance to any particular companies he or she sells for and can, therefore, give a more objective and unbiased evaluation on different insurance policies objectively.  With multiple companies at his disposal, the customer’s interest becomes the main focus. Here are some cases which makes Independent agents better than agents who work for a single company

Personal advisor

When it comes to insurance and handing over your hard earned money to people you don’t know, you need someone who you can trust to give you proper advice. There are many insurance companies these days, and you need to weigh them down to choose the best that suit your needs. With an inpendent agent by your side, you don’t have to waste your time filling out those online applications to get your quote comparisons. They have their connections and their comprehensive knowledge regarding the market will help you find better value for your insurance money. They will help you find optimum pricing, coverage, and service. Your agent becomes your guide and advisor with whom you can work face-to-face. One thing you can be sure is that they work for you and not for the company. They will ensure that you find affordable pricing and have you sufficiently covered so that you don’t end up suffering huge losses in the end.

More choices

When it comes to agents who are tight up to a single company they can offer very less choices.  This is because he/she is employed by a single company and paid for, solely for his services and commitments to the company. Based on this scenario, the agents naturally become acquainted and possess in-depth knowledge of their particular company’s insurance products, but usually, succumb when a client does not need or does not qualify for that company’s products. For instance, an agent working for a big corporation would offer quotes, advice and coverage for insurance policies from big companies, leaving you without any other options if you don’t qualify or if the rate is beyond your limit. If their rates and conditions are not up to your expectations or applicable to you, they have no other alternatives. You will be persuaded into getting something you don’t need. Independent agents, on the other hand, represent many different insurance companies. They will be able to offer a wide array of coverage options and price points. On an average, you will find that these agents will sell for five to eight insurance companies, keeping this in mind you would not need to accept one quote from one particular company.

Saves you money

With more options at your disposal, you will not only find a policy that is fitting but also saves you money. Good independent insurance agents, before you get on with anything else will always start by getting details about your assets. It is necessary to check your assets so that you get the correct coverage, when this is done, and you have a clear idea on what you can afford. The agent will help you go over the policies so that you don’t remain clueless of what is happening with your money. There are many discounts available that comes when you get insured, but you could stay uninformed as sometimes these discounts don’t apply automatically.  As your agents have access to your information, they are aware when certain discounts apply to you. They can also help you look for “multiline discount”, that is if you insure your vehicle and your house with the same company; you could avail yourself to certain discounts.

Licensed experts

Getting insurance isn’t something you should decide without knowing what you are doing. The fact remains; we can’t become an expert overnight. Studying the flow of the market, and how the different policies could affect you is not something you can learn with just a click of the mouse. Independent agents are, in most cases better equipped. They can explain the complex terms and policies more straightforwardly. They have been working in this business and have offered their advice to other people before you. They also have a more comprehensive knowledge and are not limited like non-independent agents. When agents work for a single company they are disabled in the sense that they usually can’t make comparative research on the policies of different companies. They define themselves to the very company they offer their allegiance to.

  • They can work as your advocate: If and when you have concerns regarding bills or making claims, or want to change your coverage, your agent can help you. He/She can be your advocate, and on your behalf can work with the insurance company.
  • You would find almost everything you need in one go: Independent agents can help satisfy you with all your insurance needs. The companies that they represent would usually include house, auto, and business coverage. There are also many who would offer life and health insurance as well.
  • Your lifetime consultant: Independent agents would most often go through your coverage and keep you up to date. They will be there to help you through the different aspects of your life like buying a house, renting an apartment, trying to start a new business, renovating your home or getting married. You can rest assured that they will be there to guide you and help you with your insurance as you meet all these changes.
  • Part of the community: An Independent insurance agent more often than not, work and live in your neighborhood.  They can relate to your situations, and that way offers you more practical advice. Most of the time they participate in local events and charities, and that way the money you spend on your insurance circles back to the community.