Indiana Car Insurance

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Drivers in The Hoosier State should know

Provided that you are a resident of the United States, you should not only be aware of all types of laws but also adhere to certain rules and regulations that are being implemented. These laws can either be in federal or state level. Car insurance, for instance, is one of the facets that is being mandated by laws in a state-by-state ground provided that all states have their own requirements and minimums when it comes to car insurance, and Indiana is not an exception.

Understanding car insurance laws in Indiana

A car insurance is a must-have for all Hoosier (resident of the U.S. state of Indiana) vehicle owners, preferably for those citizens driving their vehicles on the highways and public roads of Indiana State. Also, driving a car that is registered on a different state doesn’t exempt you for this ruling, as long as you are driving in the state of Indiana, you must stand by the laws that the Indiana government have set forth. Some people might find this a hassle for them but if they’ll only think about it, it’s actually for their own financial protection, and at the same time, it will guarantee that the other party will be covered in the event of an accident.

Indiana uses a ‘comparative fault’ system when it comes to car accidents

Indiana is traditional in terms of financial responsibility in any case of damage due to an accident involving cars – vehicle damage, lost income, injuries, and other car-related damages. Basically, the person (driver) who caused and is at fault will be mainly responsible for whatever resulting harm he initiated himself.

Additionally, the one who was affected by any auto-related damage or injury can do the following procedures:

File a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against the driver at-fault file a 3rd party insurance claim that will direct to the driver’s insurance company file a claim with his own insurance company so long as the damage or injury is covered based on the criteria

Coverage and Minimum limits of car insurance in Indiana

You’re probably asking“So, you mean Hoosiers need a car insurance?” Well, to make it clearer, let’s make the question“Do Hoosiers need a car insurance for them to drive in Indiana?”The answer is very simple“Yes, they do.”However, when it comes to the coverage they actually need and the coverage that the state requires vary.

As stated on the website of the Indiana State Bureau of Motor Vehicles, every car that is registered in the state of Indiana must be under liability insurance specifically equipped with the following minimum limits:

concerning property damage coverage – $25,000 (per accident)concerning physical injury or death of a single person coverage – $25,000 concerning death liability coverage or physical injury – $50,000This is the basic coverage that reimburses the property damage bills, medical bills, as well as any related costs of pedestrians, passengers, and drivers who got hurt and end up getting their cars damaged due to the accident.

As we have mentioned earlier, the minimum coverage that the state requires and the coverage that you actually prefer are two different matters. Basically, you can purchase a coverage beyond the minimum that the state requires depending on your need to ensure that you would be financially secure no matter what happens. Various car insurance providers will usually recommend taking advantage of an insurance coverage that is more than the minimum. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that auto insurance, either full coverage or minimal doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, there are insurance companies that offer them in affordable and reasonable amount but with the same benefits.

Taking advantage of a car insurance in Indiana

Taking advantage of a car insurance in the state of Indiana shouldn’t be complicated at all. Just look for an insurance company that is authorized to do business in Indiana, particularly marketing car insurance. Another concern to consider when choosing an insurance company is to ensure that the company is authorized and certified by The Indiana Bureau of Insurance (IDOI) to provide car insurance.

Violation of Indiana’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Laws

Basically, violating auto-related laws of Indiana will suspend your driving privileges in your first offense and you will then have to sustain an SR22 insurance which is a ‘special’ type of insurance moving forward your driving profession.

What is the car liability insurance coverage?

for property damage coverage – $25,000 (per accident)for bodily injury or death of one person coverage – $25,000for total bodily injury or death liability coverage – $50,000

Do I need insurance in order to have my vehicle registered?

Yes. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will only register vehicles that have liability insurance. Your chosen insurance company will provide you a proof of insurance via:

2 unique Indiana State insurance ID cards or an access to your Indiana State insurance ID card (digital) notifying  the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (electronically)  that your car has been coveredMake sure to keep your original Indiana State insurance ID cards (and your digital access) as they will serve as proof of insurance coverage.

Your car must be certified by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles within the 180 days of your insurance ID card’s effective date. To have your car certified, you must bring 1 copy of your Insurance Identification Card as this will be collected by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Remember to keep the other card inside the vehicle since it needs to be presented by whoever operating your vehicle as a proof of insurance should it be requested by authorities.

Can I provide my Insurance Identification Card in the form of a copy or fax?

Yes. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will accept a copy or fax of your Insurance Identification Card so long as the barcode can be read or scanned by their system.

Do the name on Insurance Identification Card and my vehicle registration application need to be similar?

Yes. Both insurance identification cards and vehicle registration application must be under the same name.

What other information do I need to know about my car liability insurance coverage?

The car liability coverage must be:

Indiana-based (out-of-state insurance is not honored)issued by an insurance company that is accredited by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and certified by the Department of Financial Institutions of Indiana State declared under the name/s of the car registrant/s and remain all through the validity of the insurance

What if I don’t have car insurance and I got into an accident?

If you were involved in a car accident and you have been found operating a car without a standard insurance, you will end up being charged with administrative or even criminal penalties with a fine from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Just like any other state, your driver’s license is likely to be suspended for at least one year or worst, revoked.