Insurance Claims Adjuster

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Car Insurance Claims

If you’ve filed a claim with your car insurance company, more than likely you have interacted with an auto insurance claims adjuster. The claims adjuster investigates your claim on behalf of the insurance companies. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the auto insurance claims adjuster works for the company, often insurance company will hire third parties to investigate on their behalf. The claims adjuster will find to be true these four elements from their investigation.

Verifiying the Policyholder

Claims are the amount of money that is paid out to the policyholder. The premiums you pay each month are for in the event that if something does happen to you, your insurance companies has your financial back. However, filing for an insurance claim, introduces insurance fruad, and causes the most amount of lossess for the insurance company. Of course most people don’t participate in fraud, but the insurance company uses the same procedure for all their policyholders. The claims adjuster has to first verifty the policholder is the person on the policy

Indentify Amount of Loss

If you’ve been in a car insurance accident, the insurance company must first determine the amount of total loss caused. The auto insurance claims adjuster will investigate the amount of damage done to the vehicle. Determine the value of the vehicle before and after the event.

Evalute Policy Coverage

After the insurance claims adjuster has indentified the overall loss caused by the event, they will need to determine how much money was covered under the insurance policy. Based on each insurance policy, the insurance company will pay up to a certain amount and the policyholder will be responsible for the amount not covered under their policy minus the deductible. It’s important before hand to shop around for multiple policies so that you understand how much financial protection you are getting from each insurance company.

Negotiate Settlement

Once the claims ajuster has verifield the policyholder, indetified the amount of loss caused, extent of the policy coverage, the adjuster will inform both the insurance company and the policyholder. If the policyholder has any disputes over the adjusters investigation they are entitled to dispute with the company. The claims adjuster can act as an arbitrator during this period. Once the policyholders dispute has been settled the insurance company will transfer over the amount of money covered.