Kentucky Car Insurance

Having your car insured makes you safer than ever and makes you covered. Car insurance companies are so willing to help you in case of accidents where damages and injuries are normal and it is a great back-up for your expenses. Today, we’ll be discussing Kentucky Car Insurance together with their laws and limitations that you should know.

About the State of Kentucky

Kentucky State requires all motorists to have car insurance and failure to do so will be burdened with penalties not just in terms of money but also a chance of getting into jail. Furthermore, they have a no-fault policy; a policy that the insurance company will pay any injured or damages during accidents regardless of who’s at fault, for that reason people in Kentucky is obliged to have their cars insured so that the insurance company will back up their expenses.

Traveling on the roads of Kentucky requires you to bring with you your car insurance documents for there will be fines if caught without it.

Kentucky’s Specific Laws and Regulations

Uninsured Vehicle

Those who do not comply having car insurance will have no right for everything including a charge for damages and renewal of a license, and if caught uninsured the registration will be revoked. Uninsured motorists will be fined about $500 up to $1000 or be in jail for 90 days or perhaps both.

Caught in the road with no documents

On the first offense, you’ll be paying $150 up to $200 if caught by Kentucky officers with no car insurance documents. A remedy for this offense is when you are on the list of insured motorist then you’ll send pieces of evidence that you are insured within 30 days.

Unused vehicles

Having a stocked vehicle needs the owner of it to surrender their license plate to the office of County Clerk for them to cancel the insurance for free and without penalty. When it can be used again, return to the office with the evidence of insurance then your car will be registered again.

Offhand driving

In Kentucky, a quarter of accidents are caused by drunk drivers and the state is not making an action about this problem up until now. Also, they’re not having a license suspension for these reckless drivers.

Using a phone while driving

Since 2010, Kentucky prohibited making a phone call or texting while on the road even if it’s hands-free.

Seat belt law

Since 2012, a motorist driving a 15-person capacity van is required to wear its seat belt.

“Call a police” right

An accident having an excess of $500 cost of damage and injuries have a right to call a police on the scene and if the police did not come, you can file a report within 10 days to sue your right.

To young drivers

One-fifth percentages of accidents in Kentucky are caused by teen drivers which alarm the state to implement the “graduate driver license” law to lessen this scenario.

The law states that all beginners (16 to 21 years old) in driving will be having a learner permit for 6 months before finally getting its permanent driver’s license.

The learner’s permit obliges the teen to drive for 60 hours (not within 12 a.m to 6 a.m) with the presence of one driving adult to supervise its driving and only one passenger is allowed. For the beginners aged 21 years and above, 30 days will be enough to drive with its learner’s permit.

When the young driver commits traffic violations within 6 months or 30 days, the time to be with the learner’s permit will restart from the beginning.

Aside from 60 hours of driving, the teen must undergo an education course for driving to finally obtain its Provisionary License. This license allows the teen to drive even without supervision but considering all the restrictions will not be withdrawn such as curfew in driving and passengers limit allowed.

Lastly, if traffic violations aren’t happening while driving the teen can get its completely unobstructed license.

Car Insurance’ Coverage Limits and Requirements

To other people

The insurance company will bear a minimum expense of $25,000 on each person that got injured and a total of $50,000 for all persons affected.

To the property

For the property perhaps a car that has been destroyed during an accident, the insurance company will bear a minimum amount of $10,000 for the expenses.

To the motorist and passengers

Whether you are or not at fault, the insurance company will pay a minimum of $10,000 on each person injured during an accident.

(Note: it is acceptable to put an amount of $60,000 single limit to the insurance’ liability coverage.)

Not required to obtain a Car Insurance in Kentucky

On Duty Military

Militaries are destined in so many places thus having a permanent car insurance in Kentucky will not be in normal use that’s why the state allows them to use an out of state auto insurance. If an on-duty military receive a notice saying it has an uninsured vehicle, he has the right to resolve the matter by showing a proof of being a military (May it be an I.D.)

Temporary residents in Kentucky

Those who are only having a business or permanently residing in Kentucky are just the ones who are obliged to have their car insurance on that state. If you’re living in other states, check on their requirements about their registration of car insurance.  You don’t have to waste your money and effort of having your car insured in Kentucky if you’re just temporarily living in there.


Since acquiring car insurance will cost you much money, there are things you should do in order to lower your cost of premiums:

Check on what are the discounts your state is offering and see if you’ll be able to avail it.

Compare the figures from different insurance companies within the state and choose a company with the lowest rate.

Avoid declaring unimportant coverage.