Lien Holder

lien holder 1

What is a lien holder?

The term lien holder means that a certain person or an organization that owns a certain property that will be a lease to you with an insurable interest or will be giving you an amount of money on loan to buy a particular property. Lienholder can be in the form of a financer or a bank. Regarding additional car insurance, the lien holder; either a financer or a bank must be included as your additional insured for them to be protected when a certain car got into an accident and caused some injuries or damages. The lien holder of your car also has a vehicle secured interest. A lienholder also means that it is an individual company or person that possess a property, for instance, a house that will only be on your legal property if you pay it on the full amount of money. A bank or a financer holds your lien because they give you the authority to borrow some money to purchase the property. For instance, if you want to finance a certain feature, a vehicle, for example, your lien holder must be included to your additional insured until you fully paid your vehicle.