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Driver’s in Bayou should know

How sure are you that you’re protected when accident happens? Whether you’re inside or outside the car, are you safe from expenses?

No one knows when accident will occur and being damaged or injured is undeniably expensive not just in medical purposes but also in property damage whether simple or severe it will cost you penny. That’s why having car insurance is highly suggested and required in many nations.

In Louisiana, it is obligatory to have car insurance for they ensure safety and proper road rules for their residents that whoever doesn’t have its car insurance and caught driving a car will not just struggle on penalties but also on claims when accident happens; has no right at all.

Furthermore, Louisiana has a “No Pay, No Play” policy in simplest term “No Insured, No Guarantee” policy wherein this limits the right of uninsured driver in collecting for property and personal damages costing $25,000 and $15,000, respectively.

This article will talk about those people and property that are protected by Louisiana Car Insurance.

Louisiana Car Insurance Protection Coverage

At this moment we will answer the question, “Who are the parties that are directly affected when accidents happen?” and “How will Car Insurance Companies protect them?”

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To the driver

Drivers, whether at-fault or not, are subject to medical support in case of accident that are paid by the insurance company depending on the declared insurance limit; that’s why it is advisable to invest a higher insurance limit to increase the benefit and protection you will get.

The following are the expenses covered by the insurance company (regardless of who is at-fault):

Medical Expenses

During an accident there’s a huge chance that there will be injured parties and this medical expenses will cover up those damage related to the accident. All affected person are covered by medical expenses if and only if the car is insured. These include ambulance expenses, hospital stay, medicines used, and other essential expenses.

Legal Expenses

Perhaps you will encounter influential personalities who will file a case even if just a bit of damage had happen; these legal expenses have got your back to pay a lawsuit with the support of Louisiana Car Insurance.

Loss profit

If you are riding profitable materials or doing your business on the road and something unexpected road accident happen, the lost profit is also covered by the insurance depending on the coverage limit.

Other expenses related to the accident

This includes the demands of affected parties especially when no fault on the driver.

To the passengers

If you are a passenger you are the exemption to the policy most especially if you are riding on a car driven by uninsured motorist, you have still the right to pursue the cost of the damage. But, if you are the one who’s driving and got accident you are still prone to the policy.

To the strangers

The strangers we are pertaining are the persons may it be walking along the road and you suddenly hit that person that causes him/her a severe damage; will you just leave it there or perhaps your insurance would help?

Being insured is not being selfish for everyone who is affected by your negligence (or may be because of unexpected accident) have the right to be part of the insurance policy to be paid. Also, strangers are fit to file legal justification due to damages.

The coverage includes:

  • Medical payments
  • Losses
  • In case of death, a funeral expense
  • Other necessary expenses

Car insurance company can only cover up $15,000 limit if one person was injured and a maximum of $30,000 for an overall damage; you are liable on the rest of the expenses.

To the car

Property damage will cost you much money especially if not insured but being insured doesn’t excuse your pocket for they only cover up to $25,000. It’s a great help compared when you’re not being insured because a damage car can cost more dollars to be repaired and also considering part’s replacement is so pricey.

To sum it up…

It’s normal to pay a cost in acquiring car insurance but it’s not normal to collect the charge when damage has been done. As said earlier, Louisiana doesn’t consider uninsured drivers to demand or even to file complaint when aggravated. Moreover, if you’ll get caught up without a car insurance in Louisiana it will cost you not just a double portion of acquiring an insurance but greater than that. So if you’re reading this and you’re living in Louisiana, you better acquire your car insurance for a greater protection and lesser expense.

As enumerated above, if you are one of those (a driver, a passenger, and a stranger) you now have an idea of what will you do if you’re being part of a car accident. Lastly, it is the responsibility of every car owners in Louisiana to have their car insured not just for their own sake or being obedient to the law but also for the sake of the people around them that can be damaged because of their negligence.