North Carolina Car Insurance


Drivers in the Tar Heel State

When it comes to the law of North Carolina in driving, all drivers should have to carry their own liability insurances that meet the minimum requirements. Their insurance rates may vary from driver to driver, but they must maintain the minimums. The said state follows a tort system, therefore, all drivers are recommended to obtain an insurance coverage that is in line or greater than the state’s minimums. Once the citizen of NC fails to maintain the right coverage, it may result in them having fines and other kinds of penalties.

Required Car Insurance Coverage

In North Carolina, when there’s an occurrence of a car accident, there should always be someone to be blamed for the cause of the accident. This kind of system is known to be the tort system. Once the person to blame is identified, him as well as his insurance company, will then be held responsible for paying all the financial liabilities that resulted from the car crash.

All personal vehicles are required to be covered by the following requirements of liability coverage below

  • Liability of Property Damage

If you are found at fault in a car accident, you are required to pay an amount of $25,000 to pay for the damage you caused on another person’s vehicle or personal property.

  • Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist

Having an insurance that covers the amount that matches the minimum liability, would be enough to pay for the damages that are caused by another driver with an inadequate or uninsured insurance to cover up the damages.

With this, it would cover you and everyone that is in your vehicle, and would also provide you with protection against the hit and run drivers.

  • Liability of Bodily Injury

For an amount of $30,000 per person and about $60,000 per incident, it would be enough to help cover up the injuries when in an at-fault accident.

Other Optional Car Insurance Coverage

If you are a driver or have your own personal vehicle in North Carolina, you can increase your coverage by adding some options and by choosing higher limits of liability, which is higher than the legal minimum. A lot of drivers in most countries often chooses the option of higher limits as it will improve their protection from high costs, which are always associated with serious car accidents.

So in addition to choosing higher limits of liabilities, the insurance companies in North Carolina also offer:

  • Medical Payments Associated With the Crash

This kind of coverage would always be available to provide extra coverage. This is to cover the medical payments, and/or funeral services for you and anyone that is with you in the car.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

This type of liability provides protection to your vehicle from all the possible risks, which are not related to collisions. This includes weather damages, vandalism, fire, and theft. The comprehensive coverage will also provide you with a glass repair protection, and would generally be subjected to a deductible.

  • Coverage for Collision

Collision coverage provides you with repairs or replacement for your car in an at-fault accident. Usually, there is a deductible that is associated with this kind of coverage.

  • Other Additional Options

The auto insurers in North Carolina offer a wide range of additional coverage, which can allow all the drivers to create a policy that would be right for their needs. Other coverage that is available for the drivers will also include labor and towing, reimbursement of car rental, and more.

North Carolina Penalties and Proof of Insurance Laws

All the drivers in North Carolina should not only have insurance, but they should also be prepared to provide a proof of their liability coverage. The insurance companies in North Carolina would then be required to notify the DMV when a policy lapses or has been canceled.

Therefore, in order for you to provide a proof of insurance, you’ll have to provide any of the following:

  • Self Certification- you will need this to provide your insurance company’s name and their policy number.
  • FS-1 or Certificate of Insurance
  • Your Insurance ID Card

Licensing System for Teen Drivers in NC

As for the teen drivers in NC, they are required to use a graduated licensing system that is quite similar to most states. This kind of program allows young drivers to develop some skills, and can safely practice on the road while working on having a full license.

The graduate program for teens will begin at the age of 15 with a learner’s permit.

The Limited Learner’s Permit

At the age of 15, teens can apply for a limited learner permit, which will allow them to practice their driving skills with supervision. And to obtain a permit, the young driver must finish a driver education course and successfully obtains a certificate.

During this learning period, they will have restrictions, and these are:

  • An approved driver that has held a license for 5 years and is above 21 years old, must always be in the passenger seat at all times. The approved drivers may be guardians, parents, or someone that has been appointed by the parent or guardian.
  • Teens are only permitted to drive between 5 am to 9 pm for the following first 6 months.
  • Young drivers, even the adult drivers, are prohibited from using mobile phones while driving, even if it is hands-free.

The Limitation of the Provisional License

In order for young drivers to apply for a provisional license, they must be aged 16 years old and has completed several steps:

  • Have passed the road test
  • Have a clean driving record for the past 6 months
  • Holds a learner’s permit for at least 12 months
  • Has completed 60 hours of practice driving, at least 10 hours must be practiced at night, and is certified by a supervising driver

However, once a driver has obtained their provisional license, there would still be some restrictions that should always be followed at all times. The young driver is now allowed to drive without supervision as long as they follow the said rules:

  • Unsupervised driving is only allowed around 5 am and 9 pm, except for work or some religious reasons
  • During unsupervised driving, only one passenger under the age of 21 is allowed in the vehicle
  • The use of mobile devices while driving is not allowed

Teen Liability Insurance

It is required for teen drivers in North Carolina to have liability insurance, as soon as they receive their limited probationary license. The coverage for teens can be obtained by adding the young driver to their guardian’s or parent’s current car insurance policy. And this is only until the said teen is no longer staying at home. Teens that are away at school will still continue to be covered under the parent’s or guardian’s policy. And these are the things that every North Carolinian drivers should know about their state’s car insurances. The more you know about the car insurance policy in North Carolina, the easier it would be for you to know what you need and what you’ll do when associated with car incidents.