Occasional Driver

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Who is a occasional driver on the insurance policy?

An occasional driver is defined as a person who is under 21 and still not married that drives a certain car or vehicle for less than 25 percent of his time. A principal driver often drives a specific car or vehicle for about 50 percent of the time or more. The principal driver’s premium insurance is undoubtedly higher than a occasional driver. A driver who is not a principal driver or a primary driver is defined as an occasional driver while the driver who often drives a certain car or vehicle is defined as a principal or primary driver. Occasional driving will only use or drive the family car when there is an occasion. The occasional driver doesn’t drive a car often. Regarding the insurance company, they define the occasional driver as the one that age is under 25 years old and has a driving experience for less than nine years. According to the insurance policy, an occasional driver can be in the form of a member of the family like a child, spouse or relatives. They also define the occasional driver as the one who is not the principal or primary driver. Both occasional driver and principal driver drive an insured car.