Personal Injury Protection Coverage

personal injury protection coverage 1

What is personal injury protection coverage?

Personal injury or insurance protection or also known for its acronym PIP. It is the continuation of a car insurance. Personal injury or insurance protection mostly cover the hospital bills. Personal injury coverage is sometimes called “no-fault” coverage for the money was being paid off the one that faults a certain accident. Personal injury protection insurance will give you many advantages whether the accident is your fault or not if you have one. It is not just the hospital bills that personal injury protection insurance will cover but it also covers the transportation expenses. Personal injury or insurance protection would cover your hospital bills and medical expenses if you were engaged in a certain car accident for example. It is said that this policy is “no-fault” because whether the car accident is your fault or not, the medical bills and hospital expenses will be covered by your insurance. Personal injury protection will protect you from liabilities in case of different types of accidents. Some of the coverage can be required legally, but some are not. It will always depend on whether the car is yours or not. PIP insurance will be the one that is in charge of paying the bills that you incur.