Primary Residence

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What is primary residence?

The term primary residence was defined in the dictionary as the main place where a certain person lives it can be in the form of a condominium, apartment or a home. A certain person can get his primary residence any time, or the residence of his relatives or family can also be his primary residence. The primary residence is required to be legal because of its purpose on the income taxes. If you choose your primary residence in an apartment or a condominium, you will encounter some rules and regulations, especially on condominiums. A certain person must not possess a primary residence that is more than one. With the help of the person’s mailing address, his primary home will be readily determined. Primary residence is the place where you can find a certain person through his mailing address. It was also defined as the visible place or home that a particular person considers his natural habitat or shelter. It is also described the term primary residence as the physical place where the house of a specific person where he spends most of his time inside his home. Even though he owned many properties that he lives sometimes, those houses will no longer be considered as his primary residenc