Primary Use

primary use 1

What is primary use?

The word primary use or principal use was defined as the primary usage of individual buildings or lot that was reversed into a secondary purpose. The Law Dictionary also defined the term primary use as a certain thing or property such as a car, or a vehicle was commonly used just like going to work or for just his pleasure. The word primary use when used in a business aspect means that the main intention of yours on traveling out of the town was only for the business aspects. The term primary use when it was used for health information, its meaning would be the health information that was from you or was derived from a person of your behalf. In another dictionary, primary use was defined as the one or the first thing that is able for you to use for such a thing like riding, etc. The word primary use was also defined to denote that a certain object or a thing like a car, property, house and lot was important and special for you. When the term primary use was read as an adjective, its meaning would be the first thing that occurs.