Principal Driver

principal driver 1

The term principal driver refers to a person who often drives an individual vehicle or car. The car insurance premium was being affected by the principal driver’s driving record. The car insurance of a principal driver will protect his household family and also his different vehicles. Principal driver must be the only one who will drive a particular car or vehicle often. Principal driver is also known as the primary driver. Principal drivers are the one who drives a car in a mile. They are the one who is first listed and concluded in the insurance policy. Primary driver or principal driver’s information such as history in driving, the type of the car he is driving-either old or new, and also his age. All of the information of the principal driver will all be reviewed. His car model, age and gender are also the things that an insurance policy company will consider regarding the amount of the money priced. Some principal driver can be concluded on the list of auto policy even though he didn’t own the car. Even though the principal driver is concluded in the list of auto policy, it doesn’t mean that the principal or primary driver is in charge of paying the car loans.