Vehicle Indentification Number

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What is a VIN number?

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a combination of numbers and letters that is used to track a vehicle. Similar to how humans have a unique fingerprint, a vehicle has a VIN number. In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) licenses vehicle manufacturer’s and administers the vehicle identification numbers. Based on the number of vehicles produced by the manufacturer correlates to where certain characters fall in the serial number. The first three characters of the VIN number determine the country or region where the vehicle was manufactured. It’s important to know what the vehicle identification number is, why certain characters fall in the order that they do and where you can find your vehicles VIN number.

Where to find VIN number?

There are a few places to check the identification number: dashboard, engine block, vehicle title & registration, previous insurance information.

VIN Fraud

Vehicle identification numbers can be tampered with so it’s important to check the number in multiple different places. A reason a VIN number would be tampered with would be to disguise criminal behavior. There are two types of crimes associated with VIN fraud.


The process of VIN cloning is taking a serial number from a different car and transferring that number to a different vehicle.


Taking the original serial number and either removing, destroying, or changing the order of the serial number.

Why is it important to run a VIN check?

The motive why a criminal would either clone or alter a VIN number is simple, hide the crimes associated with the vehicle either from law enforcement or a prospective buyer. It’s important if you are buying a vehicle from someone other than a licensed dealer to check for the VIN number in multiple different places. Run a VIN number check to make sure there are no crimes associated with that vehicle.